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Here’s what people are saying about The Offline Dating Method…

This book is so full of wisdom! It’s practical, insightful, and just awesome. I especially loved the Dress for Confidence section – wow… Camille really drove it home on the importance of dressing nicely! I think I’ll finally go buy a new pair of shorts now, because none of the shorts I currently have make me look great and consequently don’t’ make me feel great either. Thanks for the push!” – Alison

“My favorite part was the practical exercises that helped me put the tips into action. I especially love the advice on how to be present and look for the good in everyone we encounter. The Catch-Up Cycle of Doom was perfect, I will no longer be trapped by it! I also love the practicality of the Empathic Listening Technique. These are all things I can employ right away. As a pleasant surprise, I learned more about how to connect with, relate to and develop meaningful interactions with anyone, not just men. Brilliant! I also love the insight on bad behaviors we can unconsciously develop. The section on judgement was especially insightful and I plan to practice curiosity, compliments and compassion to break that cycle. It’s a lot of information, but organized very well and easy to navigate. I would recommend this to my girlfriends for dating and personal growth and development. I can’t wait to read the sequels!” – Shelly

An incredibly insightful book. I especially loved the Empathic Listening Technique, and listening in pictures. That was totally new to me, but it makes everything so much more vivid! I also love the meaningful example scripts, like showing how to ask ‘What’s a personal highlight for you from the past 6 months?’ so I can get into an interesting conversation right off the bat.” – Margaret

“This book is a real gift to readers and is going to help so many people create more meaningful connections in their lives. I really love the playfulness Camille talks about throughout the book, and how it’s also shown across the narrative; I think that’s such an important aspect of interacting with people – not taking it too seriously and having fun with it.” – Julie

“This book is amazing, one of the best how-to books I’ve ever read – and I’ve read hundreds.” – Peggy 

“This book is absolutely out of this world! Camille’s ‘offline dating’ perspective is so refreshing and unique, and the way the book is written feels especially applicable to introverted, highly educated people. My favorite part of this book is the inner game shift to connect with people and the Empathic Listening Technique. Camille starts from the tiniest step to make you get comfortable with people by treating everyone as if they’re already friends with you, to her Empathic Listening Technique that makes real connections as the foundation of the ask-out, to real practical tips of how to get the ask-out by the right man. The exercises help you to capture your doubts and reflect upon the barriers that are holding you back in the past, which is very powerful. I did get ask-outs using Camille’s method. But more importantly, her method helps me have fewer doubts, anxiety, and fears when I show up at parties/events/new gyms by myself. No matter how shy you are, you will start to love going to social events because you’ll be able to comfortably chat-up strangers – and even turn those conversations into a date!”  – Zenna

“This book! So much clarity, this material is life changing! I love how this information can be applied in every culture, as some who has used the norms of my culture/religion to hinder human connection in the love department. I also love the advice on how to stay true to how you’re feeling; no faking excitement or watering yourself down for someone else. I also loved the tactical advice on how to be present, how to be selective with the company you keep, how to be vulnerable with others, and most of all how to be kind to yourself. The section on “assuming the positive” and asking clarifying questions was an eye-opening reminder that you don’t always know what the other person is thinking – so just ask! This book is a conversation and dating game-changer.” – Sonya

“Two words: inspiring and wise. Even those who already consider social skills as one of their superpowers and those who are not burned out from online dating will get a ton of value from this book. What I appreciate the most is that the advice doesn’t just improve social / dating skills, it increases overall quality of life. Things like engaging in volunteering, practicing presence, looking your best every day, keeping your phone in your purse, being kind to people. The selection of tips is brilliant, and I’m confident everyone will learn at least one new thing from this book – and that one thing can be a dating game-changer. The book is clear, structured, easy to read, and entertaining. In fact, I made a list of lines that put a guilty pleasure grin on my face. I almost physically felt how Camille had to release the safety net to be sincere at some points and most importantly, her replenishing vibe (which I believe is one of her biggest gifts) can be felt throughout the book. ” – Varvara

“This book is right on the mark for smart, single women who are not interested in frivolous relationships – who want a partner and want to expand their social circle. The book is well researched and organized, with a pile of thought put into it. Most importantly it provides answers to how to become more confident and self-aware.” – Jeff

“5/5 stars, of course! Camille’s book is LIFE-CHANGING. It really teaches and transforms the ability to connect with other human beings and solidifies the fact that social skills are just that–skills. It was always a concept that so many people said, that social skills required practice. But I (and I’m sure I’m not the only one) did not know how to go about practicing those skills. (Spoiler alert: Camille shows you just how to do that in this book. 🙂 ). Camille shows that kindness still is the currency with which we can use to live a more fulfilling life–of which the most fulfilling part is human connection–in a meaningful way. And the thing is, she tells you EXACTLY how to do it–without compromising your self-worth or your values–including how to address every single pitfall/problem/pain point that might pop-up along the way. Thank you Camille with sharing what you’ve learned (a blueprint to a better life) with me. I can’t thank you enough.” – Sonya

“Even as a married woman, I absolutely loved this book. The section about releasing judgment in Chapter 3 was an awakening for me and made me realize ‘Oh my God, there’s another way to think!’ and then broke down exactly how to do it. This book is what I needed to read right now. It completely changed my perspective on social interaction and conversations…(and I thought that I was already pretty savvy in that department.).” – Diana

“I love this book! Simply put, Camille’s techniques work and I only chose the ones that felt right for me. I hadn’t had a date in many years. I thought I was un-datable as no one ever asked me out. In reality, I got nervous around men that I liked and stayed in the small talk zone, boring myself and probably them. I started thinking of men as potential friends and practiced being my authentic, weird self. It worked. I met a man doing something I love, while being my authentic self. We have been together 2 years and are planning our future. I don’t think it would have happened without Camille.” – Mary

“If I had had this book when I was single, it would have saved me a ton of heartache, confusion, and going after the wrong guys. Due to insecurity, fear of vulnerability, and an inability to connect on a deeper level, I attracted guys (and was attracted to guys) for mostly surface reasons, and not surprisingly, those relationships fizzled out quicker than you can say, ‘Bye, Felicia.’ The Offline Dating Method is a brilliant testament to the power of starting a relationship off in person vs. online. Being able to draw on all of your senses in order to really “know” someone is critical, especially in a day and age when we communicate less than ever. This book is powerful, engaging, and even as a happily married woman, I could not put this down. The lessons I learned can be applied to any interaction with any human. I also loved the reminder to always be curious. People are complex and fascinating, and if you keep your mind open and ask questions and sincerely show interest in others, you will be rewarded with some of the loveliest gifts through connection that you could imagine. “ – Melody

“Excellent! 4 thumbs up! The book was such a fun, entertaining and informative read. I was concerned that as an older (49-year-old) woman of color I wouldn’t be able to relate – but all doubts gone! It was a great read with so much practical information and tips. What I loved most is it’s much more than just attracting a great guy. It’s about becoming your best and most authentic self to attract the best and most authentic people into your life. That message resonates with every age, race, gender or social status. I like the science shared behind our humanness and the inspirational / insightful quotes were very diverse. Brava Camille!” – Shelly

“This book is going to be helpful to so many people. My favorite part was how many small, easy to remember tips were applicable for anyone to use in a way to become more connected with the world around them. I myself am an outgoing guy, but found myself using some of the techniques to expand my brief interactions with strangers: guy on an elevator, woman in line for lunch, etc.” – John