Why settle for being swiped-over…

When you can attract your perfect partner
in the real world?

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The Offline Dating Method could virtually double as a guide for how to talk to and get to know strangers, full stop.” 
The Atlantic

“An ode to the beauty of human connection, and a road map to help you get there.” 
– Kate Sloan, GirlyJuice

“A practical how-to guide for getting off apps and into the real world.… easily applied to all sexual orientations and gender identifications… it’s simply how to connect human to human.'” 
The Toronto Sun

Dating apps were supposed to be a fun new way to meet your partner…

…but for many singles, the journey to find love online can feel like an endless job application process filled with harassing messages, lies, and the constant sting of rejection by people you’ve never even met.

And all for very few – if any – quality dates.

Research continues to reveal the destructive consequences of our increasing-digitized world – especially in the dating arena – such as…

This epidemic of mistreatment, inadequacy and social isolation is devastating – but it has also created a unique opportunity unlike any other in history…

An untapped market of millions who are starved for face-to-face conversations with each other.

Which means when you discover how to create a meaningful real-world connection, you have the power to enjoy endless untapped opportunities to attract the best people into your life…

…regardless if the goal is to get a date, make a new friend, connect more deeply with loved ones, or simply enjoy a shared moment with a stranger in passing.

In The Offline Dating Method, I’ll reveal my step-by-step secrets that show you exactly how to do it, so you can start attracting great people today without having to brave the savage world of online dating.

Here are just a few of the many advantages to meeting someone special in the real world…

#1 Competition is minimal

When you date online, you’re competing against tens of thousands of other singles. When you meet someone in the real world, you naturally captivate their full attention and can make a more lasting impression.

#2 It’s an instant confirmation of the basics

When you’re face-to-face with someone, there’s zero chance someone can lie about what they look like or fake their social skills.

#3 It saves you precious time and energy

Instead of spending an average of 10+ hours per week on apps, why not attract potential partners as you simply go about your normal daily routine – from flirting with your female pharmacist to getting asked out by that guy with the Dalmatian at the dog park.

#4 It’s really fun

What if you could pop into the grocery store and get a date in the ice cream section? Or drop by a friend’s barbeque and meet your future partner there? Those are just a couple of my offline adventures, and they were so much fun!

#5 You will be treated much better

Humans are hardwired to value the things they put effort into. Being face-to-face with another person requires emotional investment, which inherently places a higher value on those interactions and naturally makes each person step-up their kindness game.

#6 You’re more likely to find a real match

With only one in five committed relationships beginning online, increase your odds of meeting your perfect partner by creating connections in the real world – where you can instantly read their body language, conversation skills, and other instinctive traits that reveal compatibility.

#7 You’ll satisfy your innate need for connection

Our innate need for human connection is as important as our need for food, water, and shelter. When you’re face-to-face with another human, you can feel their energy, read their body language, and create a deep connection that fulfills you on an intrinsic level.

The Journey That Led Me to You

Mastering the art of meaningful connection took me decades to learn – but resulted in me getting asked out by nearly 300 men in everyday places (from the airport to the greeting card section of the drug store)…

…and all without ever going online or using an app.

I wasn’t always this confident though.

Growing up with social anxiety meant I was very shy, not only around men, but around everyone. I could barely look some people in the eye without blushing and turning away.

I finally grew tired of feeling socially clueless, so I started taking small risks to create more connections through trial and error – and in the process not only found a passion for connecting with others in-person but started getting asked out by men in everyday places.

Other women asked for the secrets behind my “offline” success so I put together a PowerPoint presentation, which turned into a live workshop which turned into my business Master Offline Dating, which has now helped thousands of women around the world ditch the dating apps and attract men in the real world.

The Universal Power of Human Connection

The tips in The Offline Dating Method are based on natural aspects of human behavior and desires that are hardwired deep within your DNA. That means the advice in this book works for (and on) everyone, regardless of your age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

Over the past decade I’ve dated men from dozens of different professions, from all seven continents (well, one spent a few seasons in Antarctica), as well as every major religion.

I also have clients and readers from over 100 different countries that have applied my tips and enjoyed results in their home cultures.

What I’ve learned from all that is this: at the end of the day,  humans are humans. We are all more alike than we are different, and every one of us, on some level, wants acceptance, acknowledgement, appreciation, and love.

This also means that you already have the tools to create meaningful connections and find the love of your life in the real world…

…they’ve just been buried beneath the noise of modern technology and the digital barriers covered earlier.


Your Roadmap to Attraction in the Real World 

No matter how shy or socially awkward you feel right now, The Offline Dating Method will show you how to attract your perfect partner in the real world so you can create your own happily-ever-after – and feel fulfilled on a level you never knew existed.

Your journey through the book has three parts…

Chapter I: Magnetic Approachability 

Master the art of approachability to attract great people
– without saying a word.

First, I’ll show you how to catch the eye of an intriguing stranger and magnetically pull them to you without saying a word, and discover how to…

• Feel more socially confident 
• No longer feel invisible around others
• Inspire great people to approach you

Chapter II: Effortless Engagement

Discover how to talk to anyone
with zero risk of rejection
(even if you’re shy)

Next, I’ll show you how to align your thoughts, words, and actions to put you into an effortless flow so you can start a conversation with anyone, and…

• Talk to anyone without risk of rejection
• Feel in control of every conversation
• Build instant rapport with someone

Chapter III: Asked Out Organically

Create instantly meaningful connections and inspire a great date! 

Finally, you’ll learn my Five Elements of a Meaningful Conversation which naturally lead to a date together. I’ll also show you how to…

• Feel energized by every conversation 
• Filter out people who aren’t right 
• Feel fulfilled in all your relationships

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