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The Offline Dating Method and Camille Virginia featured in Redfin

May 2022: Camille featured as a guest on The Unmistakable Creative podcast

The Power of Offline Social Connection

Srinivas Rao’s podcast has included guests such as Tim Ferriss, Seth Godin, Simon Sinek, Gretchen Rubin, and Cal Newport – so, he knows how to ask great questions that are fun to answer, provide unique insights, and bring up interesting stories. 

Srini and Camille went deep into the topics of dating, human connection, core values, social fears, and more, including…

– How Camille’s high school social group impacted her life and career
– Why having a singular friend group doesn’t work for most people
– How online-only connections are like trying to live off junk food
– Why a small pattern interrupt can start to cure your chronic loneliness
– How building social skills is like getting back into shape
– Why people value in-person interactions 10x more than online ones
– My 20-Minute Trick to overcome fears of being alone in a public place
– Why listening in images is one of my most powerful conversation tips
– How creating a meaningful connection can get you a date with absolutely anyone 

The Offline Dating Method and Camille Virginia featured in Redfin

April 2022: Camille’s advice for couples moving in together featured in Redfin

Signing a Lease with Your Partner? 8 Questions to Ask Before Moving in Together

Regardless if you’re moving into one person’s existing space or a space that’s new for both of you, make sure you and your significant other feel at home in your new shared space. Be sure to display items that remind you of each other, not your exes.

After I moved in with a boyfriend, he insisted on displaying his huge collection of wine corks he’d collected over the past 20+ years in our new living room.

Every time I entered a room that should have been a space that reminded me of our love for each other, I was instead reminded of all his memories and experiences that I had not been a part of.

Keep personal memories in a private place and make your decorations and household items about your shared memories with each other.

The Offline Dating Method and Camille Virginia featured in USA Today

April 2022: Camille’s breakup advice featured in Capsule New Zealand

How One Woman Went From Getting Dumped to Getting Dates with 7 Men in 7 Weeks – OFFline During a Pandemic

You just can’t keep a good girl down, reckons author of The Offline Dating Method Camille Virginia – and she should know.

After a relationship ended, she decided to throw herself back into the world of dating – here’s her story about how you meet someone in real life.

“After my breakup, I picked myself back up and started just doing things – simple stuff like activities and just going outside. In the process of reconnecting with friends and activities I had put aside during the relationship, I managed to meet 7 men in 7 weeks. This is how I did it…

The Offline Dating Method and Camille Virginia featured in USA Today

April 2022: Camille’s advice featured in GQ Magazine

We’re Lonely. Why’s It So Hard to Do Something About It?

British GQ columnist writes a cheeky but heartfelt article on offline dating!

A few of favorite lines from the article…

“By attempting to get into someone’s pants rather than, say, make a new friend, or share interests to pass the time of day, we’re trying to crack a nut with a pneumatic drill.”

“Important: forget chat-up lines. ‘If you’re still single and still using them, they’re likely not working for you,’ says Camille. Zing!”

“Lead by example, and focus on the quality of the connection and see where it goes naturally, and you’ll forge a healthy attitude to social interaction while you’re at it. “

The Offline Dating Method and Camille Virginia featured in USA Today

February 2022: Camille’s tips on easing loneliness in USA Today

We’re Lonely. Why’s It So Hard to Do Something About It?

For single people, Valentine’s Day and the day that follows, dubbed “Singles Awareness Day” is a scheduled reminder of loneliness, a feeling that’s been heightened for most during the pandemic. 

Experts say it’s always been challenging to form new social connections, regardless of whether they are romantic or platonic. But after two years of pandemic-spurred separation, it is even more difficult than it once was.

“Social skills are like muscles, so you have to use them or lose them,” explains Camille Virginia, author of The Offline Dating Method.

After extended periods of separation, people feel like they are “out of practice,” explains Bisma Anwar…

The Offline Dating Method and Camille Virginia featured in The Daily Mail

February 2022: Camille Virginia featured in Stuff New Zealand

5 Ways Dating Apps Keep You Single

Why does the technology that’s supposed to help you meet your soulmate tend to make you feel like they’re even further out of reach?

It all boils down to five key barriers that are actively preventing you from attracting your match every time you enter the online dating space….

1. Instant Attraction, Long-Term Disappointment

2. The Paralysing “Paradox of Choice”

3. The House Always Wins

4. The Mean Behind the Screen

5. Anti-Social Media

The Offline Dating Method and Camille Virginia featured in The Daily Mail

January 2022: The Offline Dating Method featured in The Daily Mail!

Experts Reveal Ways to Feel Good When January Blues Hit

Camille Virginia was featured with comedian Tiffany Haddish and other experts with tips to get through the winter – including some of Camille’s best tips to go out and (quickly!) meet someone special in the real world:

1:  The 20-Minute Trick

A great way to get comfortable going places alone is by arriving twenty minutes early for a planned meet-up with other people.

2: Dress for a Conversation

Camille suggest wearing clothing and accessories that visually represent your personality.

3: The Vacation Mindset

‘Your inhibitions are lowered because your fear of seeing someone you know – and thus your risk of being judged by them – is taken off the table.’

January 2022: Camille Virginia breaks a Meetup livestream attendance record!

How to Meet Your Match, in Real Life

Camille joined international event organizer Meetup to share her 3-step process to meet your match OFFline – and broke their attendance record with 5,868 attendees from over 35 different countries (and all 7 continents)!

Watch the replay to discover …

:: How Camille went from corporate consultant to offline dating coach
:: Why she felt called to write her book The Offline Dating Method
:: How the pandemic has changed dating – and what you can do about it
:: Why everyone is SO burned out with online dating and apps
:: My 3-step method to attract a hot date for the weekend OFFline
:: Why the new year the perfect time to start dating again
:: The #1 thing you can do in the next 24 hours to get a date IRL

October 2021: Camille Virginia on Andy Hirschfeld’s Business Brief

Enhancing Conversation Skills with Camille Virginia

Camille Virginia, the author of The Offline Dating Method, joins Andy Hirschfeld to give us some tips about how to enhance our conversation skills...

October 2021: The OFFline Dating Method HUGE feature in Bustle

How To Meet People IRL, From The Woman Who Wrote The Book On It

When Camille Virginia moved to Chicago to be in the same city as her boyfriend years ago, things didn’t quite go as planned.

“He broke up with me within a few weeks, and I had no friends [there],” she tells Bustle.

Left with a choice between moving back home or putting down roots on her own, she decided to resist her introverted nature and attempt to meet people the old-fashioned way — in coffee shops, at parties, and just walking down the street…

September 2021: The OFFline Dating Method featured article on

“The Offline Dating Method” Teaches Singles to Find Dates in the Real World

Meeting potential partners was hard enough before the COVID-19 pandemic, but today’s dating world is even more challenging to break into — or is it?

Author and Dating Coach Camille Virginia’s new book “The Offline Dating Method” teaches surprisingly simple techniques and skills that make it easier to make friends and score new dates.

As more singles turn to online dating apps and websites, Camille shows readers how to connect with people in the real world…

September 2021: Camille featured on Metro UK (print + digital!)

Dating expert explains how to find a partner in time for cuffing season

It’s Saturday night, you’re home alone — and it feels like you’ll be single forever.

But while Covid has left a generation of singles in despair, one expert claims that dating has changed forever — and there’s never been a better chance to seize that moment.

‘People spent a year in lockdown and it was lonely,’ says dating expert Camille Virginia, ‘but their priorities changed over that time. They’ve had the time alone to think about what they really want in a partner.

‘Covid was a wake-up call for so many singles. Now they’re more prepared than ever to go out of their comfort zone to try and meet that other half.’

But don’t simply turn to online dating, says Camille. Instead, do the maths…

September 2021: Camille featured on The Salon With LaLa Milan podcast

OFFline Dating with Camille Virginia

Dating expert Camille Virginia shares tip on meeting potential partners in real life and not on dating apps!

September 2021: Camille featured on Heather Dubrow’s World podcast

To date OFFline or not?

Camille Virginia, the author of “The Offline Dating Method” joins us to discuss dating and why you’ll find more success outside of the apps!

August 2021: Camille Virginia featured on Dates & Mates podcast

OFFline Dating – and Adults Date Better

Today we’re addressing one of the most common questions from people who are frustrated with dating apps – how can you meet someone offline today?

Yes, it’s still possible!

Camille Virginia, author of The OFFline Dating Method: 3 Steps to Attract Your Perfect Partner in the Real World, joins Damona to an overview of her method.

August 2021: Camille Virginia featured on The Question Box podcast

Camille Virginia – The DATING Episode!

This week we’re joined by dating coach extraordinaire Camille Virginia, and it’s an episode theme centered entirely around DATING!

We talk flirting, bad dates, breakups, and more! Join us, won’t you?

August 2021: Camille Virginia featured on Dear Men podcast

How do I meet singles to date in real life (instead of on dating apps)?

Sick of getting ghosted or having other not-so-great experiences on dating apps like Hinge, Tinder, Bumble, etc.?

While the apps are an important part of the sex and relationship landscape these days, there are lots of other stimulating ways to meet dating and relationship partners. Camille Virgina, author of The OFFline Dating Method: 3 Steps to Attract Your Perfect Partner in the Real World, breaks it down.

We also get into how to overcome by social anxiety and loneliness — two common obstacles to dating. Whether you’re looking for a new sex or dating partner after a divorce or other breakup, wanting a new polyamorous connection, or just to make new friends, you’ll get something out of this candid and uplifting convo on connection.

May 2021: The Offline Dating Method featured in InStyle Magazine

If You’re Wondering ‘Why Am I Single?’ Start Here

3. Your screening process could use a bit of zhuzhing.

The best potential partners can end up looking different from what we expect, points out Camille Virginia, dating coach and author of the forthcoming book The Offline Dating Method: 3 Steps to Attract The Perfect Partner In The Real World. And holding too tightly to those expectations can be a roadblock for getting into a healthy, happy relationship.

“The main barrier that I see my single clients hitting when they say they can’t find any potential partners is that they are screening potential partners for the wrong criteria,” says Virginia. For instance, you might mistake hot chemistry for partner compatibility — in other words, being on the same page around big picture values… 

March 2020: The Offline Dating Method featured in Brit + Co

How to Apply Dating Advice to Your Job Search (and Vice Versa)


First dates can often feel like job interviews, which makes sense since they’re both about finding a great match. And both can be a struggle until you find the “one.”

“People can go into the job interview process, and these days the dating process too with the online dating apps, and it can become a laborious, not fun process,” says Camille Virginia, author of The Offline Dating Method, who crossed over from the corporate world as an employee engagement consultant to the dating world as an offline dating expert…

February 2020: The Offline Dating Method featured in USA Today 

Valentine’s Day: Some Couples are Cutting Back on Fancy Dinners and Gifts


…these couples are also representative of an underlying shift that’s happening in the dating and relationship world where people are being turned off by all the pomp and circumstance online and focusing on personal moments, experts say.

“In most modern relationships, everything is so visible with social media,” said Camille Virginia, dating expert and author of The Offline Dating Method.

“We see other people and their perfect vacations, dates and the best pictures. People are getting burned out. After enough pressure, you reach a burnout point and you want to get back to authenticity.”


Jan 2020: Camille Virginia (and Molly the cat) book reading + signing at Portland’s Annie Bloom’s Books

Dec 2019: The Offline Dating Method featured in The BBC

Should I Delete Tinder? These Millennials Think So

Millennial media from Glamour to Vice truly began shifting their focus, US dating coach Camille Virginia released an advice book called The Offline Dating Method for those seeking to rid themselves of apps, and British broadcaster Verity Geere revealed how she went on a complete detox from sex and relationships after what she describes as eight years as an online “dating junkie” that failed to score her a long-term partner…


Nov 2019: Camille Virginia and The Offline Dating Method on Portland’s #1 morning show AM Northwest

Sept 2019: Camille Virginia and The Offline Dating Method on Portland’s Tonight With Cassidy

Sept 2019: Camille Virginia and The Offline Dating Method on Portland morning show AM Northwest

Sept 2019: Camille Virginia (and her blue pants) and The Offline Dating Method on Portland lifestyle show Afternoon Live!

Oct 2019: The Offline Dating Method featured in MindBodyGreen

4 Ways To Meet People IRL For Everyone Who’s Over Dating Apps

Back in my single days, one of my tried-and-true favorite places to meet dudes was on public transportation. Seriously—I’ve met at least four or five romantic flings on buses, trains, and subway cars.

If you’re sick and tired of dating apps, finding dates the old-fashioned way is definitely still a thing.

Dating coach Camille Virginia recently put out a whole guide to it called The Offline Dating Method, so if you have no idea where to start, here are a few of my favorite tidbits of advice from her book.

(FYI, her guide is geared specifically toward straight women, but the tips really work for anyone!)

1. Go somewhere solo.

Think events and gatherings where people specifically get together to do something as a group, like group workout classes, wine tastings, or volunteering… 

Sept 2019: The Offline Dating Method featured on homepage of The Atlantic!

How to Date Without Apps: Meet-cutes are hard when nobody wants to talk to strangers.

Key quotes from the article about The Offline Dating Method

  • It would be easy to mistake a number of tips from The Offline Dating Method for tips from a self-help book about finding love in an earlier decade…But later parts of the book mark it as a hyper-current artifact of the present—of a time when social-media skills are often conflated with social skills, and when the simple question of what to say out loud to another person can be anxiety-inducing for many.
  • In the second and third chapters, The Offline Dating Method could virtually double as a guide for how to talk to and get to know strangers, full stop.
  • [Camille Virginia] writes, “humans are craving … connection and authenticity. Every day people are flooded with an overwhelming amount of information and distractions, most with the sole motivation of hijacking their time and/or money”…So when a modern single person meets someone “who’s able to engage them on a deeper level and sans ulterior motive, all of their unmet need for connection will likely come pouring out. So be ready, because it can happen fast.”
  • …the existence of a book like Virginia’s also points to a desire to transcend some of the antisocial tendencies of daily life and dating in the internet age. And to her credit, she offers numerous, concrete ways to do so without sacrificing the great things that smartphones and wireless internet access have made possible.

Sept 2019: Personal essay written for Frolic Media

How to Meet Someone IRL (That Will Put Your Tinder Matched to Shame)

“I’m so sorry! May I buy your coffee?”

I had paused in the middle of placing my Starbucks order when the man behind me had jumped in to place his.

The cashier held up a hand to him, gestured toward me, and a split-second later, out came his apology and offer to buy my drink.

It all happened so fast, I didn’t register what was going on.

So, like many modern women upon being offered assistance, my immediate reaction was to politely decline, thank-you-very-much.

On the walk back to my apartment, self-bought latte in-hand, it suddenly hit me: I’d missed an opportunity to connect with a cute guy who offered to do something nice for me.

I vowed to keep a more vigilant watch out, so I’d never miss an opportunity like that again…

Sept 2019: The Toronto Sun, article by Simone Paget

How to Conquer Offline Dating

We’ve become comfortable hiding behind our screens and I don’t think it’s doing us any good …my fantasy is still to bump into an attractive stranger in a cute, sprung from the script of a romantic comedy scenario while getting a refill on my coffee.

This is all to say that in-person courtship has become a lost art form and (like McDonald’s pizza) it’s time to bring it back.

Enter: Camille Virginia, an offline dating coach and author of the new book The Offline Dating Method: How to Attract a Great Guy in the Real World — a practical how-to guide for getting off apps and into the real world.

While Virginia’s personal experience is with dating men, she says, “the tips are easily applied to all sexual orientations and gender identifications. Again, it’s simply how to connect human to human,”…