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The three chapters of my first book, The Offline Dating Method, are only three of my nine-step signature system.

The framework goes beyond the connection material we covered in this book and shows you how to live a quality life surrounded by great people, how to tap into your femininity, how to discover your natural flirting style, how to fall in love with yourself first, how to make sure you choose the right man, and more.

After going through all nine steps, you’ll have everything you need to be your best self and live your best life with the man of your dreams.

In my next book, Find Love Offline, I’ll show you how to take the meaningful connections you learned how to create in The Offline Dating Method and turn them into red hot romantic connection, how to stop attracting the wrong men, and how to go from your first date together all the way to a committed relationship.

Find Love Offline

The sequel to The Offline Dating Method
Coming 2023


Chapter I: Mr. Right Revealed
Receive crystal clarity on the right man so you never fall for the wrong one again

Clarify + Qualify: 2 Secret Moves to Reveal Your Mr. Right
:: 3 Levels of Crystal Clarity
:: 3 Points of Qualification

Attraction Tips to Make Sure He’s Mr. Right
:: Be Open to a Different Package
:: Where to Meet Men
:: Bad Dating Behavior (BDB)
:: Glaring Red Flags
:: Clear Up Your Karma
:: Make Space For Him 


Chapter II: Fascination Formula
Unlock your feminine assets to completely captivate him and deepen his desire for you

Femininity 101: Harness the Power of Your Softer Side
:: Masculinity + Mixed Messages
:: Find Your Feminine Balance
:: 6 Ways to Shift Into Your Feminine

Flirting 101: Unlock Your Natural Attraction Tool
:: Here’s What Flirting is NOT
:: What’s Your Natural Flirting Style
:: Flirting: What to Say
:: Flirting: What To Do 


Chapter III: Casual To Committed
Navigate from the first date into your own magical happily-ever-after together

Dating Phase No-No’s: Avoid These Actions at All Costs

Master the 3 Phases of Dating
:: Phase 1: How to Have the Best First Date EVER
:: Phase 2: How to Navigate the Second Date Onward
:: Phase 3: Have to Approach the DTR Talk

The Offline Aphrodite

The prequel to The Offline Dating Method
Coming 2024


Chapter I: Mindset Magic Detox
Melt away toxic thought patterns and create a clear path to the love you deserve

Overcoming the 2 types of toxic mindset barriers
:: Internal Mindset Barriers
:: External Mindset Barriers

3 Stages of Mindset Magic Detox
:: 1) Awareness: Diagnose the Situation
:: 2) Appreciation: Love it and leave it
:: 3) Antidote: Create your new healthy habit 


Chapter II: Priorities Perfected
Boost self-confidence by downsizing your commitments and upgrading your life

5 Phases of Building Your Awesome New Life
:: 1) Assess: Reveal who + what you’ve been prioritizing
:: 2) Accept: “I designed my life to be like this”
:: 3) Aspire: Dream big – and then dream bigger
:: 4) Adios: Send-off stuff no longer serving you
:: 5) Align: Design Your Life to Support Your Dreams


Chapter III: Secret Dating Superpowers
Cultivate a sexy strong sense of self to feel unwavering worthiness of a great man

Unlocking Your 4 Secret Superpowers
:: Personality: Appreciate + work with your innate wiring
:: Hobbies + Interests: Recreation on your road to purpose
:: Values: Your core drivers for… well, everything
:: Passions + Purpose: Self-fulfilling contributions to others

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